Make a Swept Boss Base Solidworks

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SolidWorks tutorial we will learn how to make a sweep with SolidWorks and in this tutorial you will learn how to use the following functions: 2D sketch, create a 2D circle, making Swept Boss / Base. The steps to create features swept boss / base Open new part Click the sketch, click the line and select right plane Create a sketch like this Then create a new plane is the front plane On the front plane that create a polygon sketch click ok Click on the features and click swept boss / base Sweep and a box will appear on top of the box select the polygon whereas the bottom box select the first sketch click Ok Sweep creates a base, boss, cut, or surface by moving a profile (section) along a path, according to these rules: The profile must be closed for a base or boss sweep feature; the profile may be open or closed for a surface sweep feature. The guide curve must be coincident with the profile or with a point in the profile sketch. Neither the section, the path, nor the resulting solid can be self-intersecting. The path may be a set of sketched curves contained in one sketch, a curve, or a set of model edges. The path must intersect the plane of the profile. The path may be open or closed.


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