Make it sketch driven patterns

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Creates the pattern using only the geometry (faces and edges) of the features, rather than patterning and solving each instance of the features. The Geometry Pattern option speeds up the creation and rebuilding of the pattern. You cannot create geometry patterns of features that have faces merged with the rest of the part. On learning solidwork this time we will try to make the facility located in solidwork namely Sketch Driven Patterns By using the sketch points, we can determine the pattern features. This feature is spread across a pattern for each point in the sketch. we can use sketch driven patterns for holes or other feature instances. Bodies to Pattern. For multibody parts, select a separate body to create a sketch driven pattern. To create a sketch driven pattern: Open a sketch on the face. Create a seed feature on the model. Click Point or Tools, Sketch Entity, Point and add multiple sketch points to represent a pattern that we want to create, based on the seed feature. Close the sketch. Click Sketch Driven Pattern on the Features toolbar, or click Insert, Pattern / Mirror, Sketch Driven Pattern. If necessary, use the flyout FeatureManager design tree to select Sketch References used as a pattern.


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