Creating Reference Axes SOLIDWORKS

Friday, February 5, 2016

Today I will show you how the Creating Reference Axes. When you need to generate a SOLIDWORKS Reference Plane at an angle, typically you would select a face or plane for the reference angle, then select an edge or axis on which to rotate about. But this may not be in the position you want it to be and then forces you to make another reference plane for the offset. If you need to create a Reference Plane at a certain angle somewhere out in space, create a simple sketch with a line as the reference and then generate your Reference Plane. You can create a reference axis, also called a construction axis. To create a reference axis: Click Axis Tool_Axis_Reference_Geometry.gif on the Reference Geometry toolbar, or click Insert > Reference Geometry > Axis. Select the axis type in the Axis PropertyManager, then select the required entities for that type. Verify that the items listed in Reference Entities select_edge_faces_vertex.png correspond to your selections. Click PM_OK.gif. Click View > Axes to see the new axis.


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