Design surface extend process Solidworks

Friday, March 11, 2016

In creating a design surface extend process, to create a different surface extend bodies with bodies initially is the first way described below is prepared in advance which of the surface did extend the surface, With the menu extend surface, we can extend the surface by selecting the edge, some edge, or face. To make the surface extends: Click the Extended surface on the toolbar or click Insert Surface, surface, this case I use the following surface. The second is to please you perform the Offset Surface please enter the offset of 0 mm from the surface beginning then you already have two different surface bodies. Third please do hide bodies, in this case please hide bodies which would be the main bodies by right-clicking and then hide. After the hide one bodies the next step is please make the process extend to the bodies that are still visible today. With the above process, then you already have a new bodies are already extend surface. The fourth is to please you show that you hide bodies in the previous step, then please go to the feature Intersection Curve, after entering please and choose two bodies that have been created earlier. then OK. In the Property Manager: Under Edges / Faces to Extend, select one or more sides or face as desired. If we choose the edge, extending surface extends along the field edge. If we choose the face, extending surface extends along all sides of the face except those connected to the other face. we can make the surface extended to face tangent by clicking on the callout the which appears only if we choose the edge.


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